The cyclonic circulation over north Chhattisgarh & neighbourhood, extends up to 1.5 km above mean sea level persists

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According to the National Weather Forecasting Centre of the India Meteorological Department (IMD):

(Friday 04 June 2021, Time of Issue: 0800 hours IST, Based on 0530 hours IST Observations)

All India Weather Inference(MORNING)

  • The Northern Limit of Monsoon (NLM) continues to pass through lat. 10°N/ Long. 60°E, lat. 10°N/ Long. 70°E, Kochi, Palayamkottai, lat. 90°N/ Long. 80°E, 12°N/85°E, 14°N/90°E and 17°N/94°E.
  • Southwest monsoon is likely to advance into remaining parts of south Arabian Sea, some parts of central Arabian Sea, remaining parts of Kerala & Lakshadweep, some more parts of Tamil Nadu & Puducherry, some parts of coastal & south interior Karnataka, Rayalaseema and some more parts of south and Central Bay of Bengal during next 24 hours.
  • The Western Disturbance as a trough in mid & upper tropospheric westerlies with its axis at 7.6 km above mean sea level now runs roughly along longitude 74°E to the north of latitude 28°N.
  • The cyclonic circulation over central Pakistan & neighbourhood extending up to 1.5 km above mean sea level persists.
  • The cyclonic circulation over north Chhattisgarh & neighbourhood and extends up to 1.5 km above mean sea level persists.
  • The cyclonic circulation over Eastcentral Arabian Sea off Karnataka coast extending up to 3.1 km above mean sea level persists.
  • The trough at mean sea level off Karnataka Kerala coasts persists.
  • The cyclonic circulation over Equatorial Indian Ocean & adjoining central parts of South Bay of Bengal between 3.1 km & 4.5 km above mean sea level persists.
  • The east west shear zone from Southwest Arabian Sea to Southeast Bay of Bengal across extreme southern peninsula along Latitude 8°N at 3.1 km above mean sea level persists.
  • The north south trough from Telangana to south Tamilnadu and extends up to 1.5 km above mean sea level persists.


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